Is your heater or air conditioner acting up?

It can be tough to determine whether you should repair or replace your broken heater or AC unit. However, these questions are common. So common in fact, that we offer a free second opinion because we are confident our experienced technicians will have your satisfaction, guaranteed.

When your heater or air conditioning system is not working correctly, you want it fixed fast. Other contractors are quick to suggest a full-scale replacement. You’d be surprised how often our techs conduct second opinions only to find that most heaters and ACs still have plenty of life left, and replacement is not always necessary.

Should you repair or replace your broken heater or AC?

At Cool Breeze Heating and Air, you’ll get straight answers. For starters, replacing a heater and AC system can be pricey. It’s important to make sure your system is in its final stages before doing so. Most of the time, a heater or air conditioner can be repaired.

Heater and air conditioner repair in Bakersfield

When deciding whether to repair or replace your system, take a look at its age. Most heating and air conditioning units typically last around 10-15 years. If your heater or AC is broken, and it’s more than 15 years old, then a replacement may be a more viable option. An air conditioner will start to breakdown more often if it’s past the 15-year mark, and even sooner in areas with hotter climates, like Bakersfield.

Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement

Are you noticing an increase in your energy bills, even though your utility company hasn’t raised their rates? If so, then it may be more viable to have your system replaced. Over time, heating and air conditioning units lose efficiency and might need to be replaced. A loss of efficiency may be due to normal wear and tear, but units made pre-2000 were not equipped with adequate insulation to support today’s temperatures.

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